Interface ThreadFactory

public interface ThreadFactory

An object that creates new threads on demand. Using thread factories removes hardwiring of calls to new Thread, enabling applications to use special thread subclasses, priorities, etc.

The simplest implementation of this interface is just:

 class SimpleThreadFactory implements ThreadFactory {
   public Thread newThread(Runnable r) {
     return new Thread(r);
The Executors.defaultThreadFactory() method provides a more useful simple implementation, that sets the created thread context to known values before returning it.

Doug Lea

Method Summary
 java.lang.Thread newThread(java.lang.Runnable r)
          Constructs a new .

Method Detail


public java.lang.Thread newThread(java.lang.Runnable r)
Constructs a new . Implementations may also initialize priority, name, daemon status, , etc.

r - a runnable to be executed by new thread instance
constructed thread, or if the request to create a thread is rejected